The Affiliated Neurological Hospital


 The Affiliated Neurological Hospital of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is located in the centre of Hefei city. For a long time, under the leadership of the well-known traditional Chinese and western medicine experts Professor Yang Renmin in neurology, all the medical staff work very hard and keep making progress, developing the hospital into an influential neurology specialist hospital both home and abroad.

 The staff team of the hospital is formed by professors (chief physicians), associate professors (deputy physicians), PhD, and Masters. It sets up 4 clinical departments, 3 wards, and 138 beds. In addition to the clinical and bioscience departments, it also has laboratories of hemorheology, nerve biochemical, nerve physiological, trace elements, Doppler ultrasound, Holter monitoring, ambulatory blood pressure, and molecular biology and the treatment room for closed nerve, nerve rehabilitation, quantum light, and oxygen therapy.

 The hospital sets up clinical departments for cerebrovascular disease, epilepsy, headache, dizziness, cerebral palsy, neurological autoimmune disease, extrapyramidal disease, and neurological disease and it maintains the advanced domestic level for the neurological disease treatment. In particular, the basic and clinical research of the Wilson's disease by integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, which was hold by Professor Yang Renmin, has reached the international advanced level, accepting patients of Wilson's disease with nearly 3,000 people including Taiwan, Hong Kong and all over the country and making the hospital the flagship among all provincial health departments. As a hospital combining teaching and research, it serves as the teaching classroom for neurology, psychology undergraduate students and the training centre for specialty physicians, cultivating more than 30 master’s and doctorate graduates; completing 12 projects with National Natural Science Foundation, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Provincial Science and Technology Commission; receiving 3 provincial achievements awards; publishing more than 300 medicine papers and 23 medicine books.