Welcoming words from the President


  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a unique health service resource in China. Aiming to study the human life movement and change law, TCM focuses on the way of human health and emphasizes "preventive treatment of disease" in the pursuit of human health. Therefore, the TCM is health medicine science. Thousands of years clinical practice has proved diverse unique and effective treatment methods and health maintenance thoughts. The superiority and speciality of TCM lies in the fact that it emphasizes the application of natural medicine and natural therapy, stresses the mobilization of the patient's self-healing ability, and explores the human body's natural potential to realize the health of the human body. Chinese medicine represents the future developmental direction of medicine and conforms to the historical trend of "returning to nature" in the 21st century. Nowadays, an increasing number of people are willing to learn and experience Chinese medicine and health care.

  Anhui, as a province with abundant Chinese medicine resources, has won the fame as the Cradle of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the ancient time.Bozhou, one of the four largest medicine markets in China, known as the “Hometown of Physician Huatuo, Center of Chinese Pharmacy, lies in its north. In its south, an influential and sophisticated medical tradition with 800 years of history, Xinan has gradually formed in Huizhou (the neighborhoods of Mt. Huangshan). Anhui province boasts abundant Chinese medicine resources, ranking the first in east Asia and the 6th in the nationwide; Bozhou ranks the first among the four famous city of Chinese medicinal herbs.

     Hefei, the capital city of Anhui, is one of the four major science and education bases in China with 59 higher education institutions. Hefei has gained its reputation with the title of one of the happiest city in the nation, the national ecological garden city. Hefei is the national comprehensive transportation hub, linking the east to the west, connecting the south to the north. The high-speed railway has come into a new times. We can arrive at Huangshan or Nanjing in just an hour, arrive at Shanghai in 2 hours, get to Beijing in three hours. What makes our traffic more convenient is that Xinqiao airport has been in connection with international airline,as well as Hefei habor is in association with Changjiang River to the sea.Hefei is devoted to making cooperation with nations and regions. Also, forty-three overseas world top 500 companies are dedicated to investing in Hefei, which offer an excellent environment and benefit students from their studying, living and job hunting.

 Established in 1959, Anhui University of Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive TCM higher education institution of teaching, scientific research and medical care. The University covers a total area of 1,171 Mu, and it has three campuses located at Meishan Road, Shi River Road, and by the Shaoquan Lake respectively.The university library claims a collection of more than 2 million books and it is a “National Key Unit for Ancient Book Protection”. The Centre of Chinese Medicine Specimen is the most special specimen pavilion with the richest collections of medical specimens among all the medical colleges and universities throughout the country, keeping 150,000 medicinal plant specimens.

The University now registers over 15, 000 full-time students and over 3000 academic staff, among whom there are over 500 professors or associate professors16 doctoral supervisors, 300 supervisors for graduate degree and 2 National medical masters. The University offers diverse courses in its 24 Bachelor’s programs, three doctoral degree programs of Level-1 discipline, 25 Master’s degree programs.

 Anhui University of Chinese Medicineis a construction unit of national clinical research base, a national (Anhui-based) modern technology industry of Chinese medicine, an international cooperation base for the promotion of Chinese medicine, a national base for clinical drug research.Through 60 years construction and development, the university has become a multi-disciplinary medical university with TCM characteristics.

The university has established a diversified international student scholarship system including the “Study in Anhui” scholarship, “Study in Hefei” scholarship, the president scholarship and various scholarship financed by the enterprises. 100% freshman students and 60% of the university students could win the scholarship.   

 AUCM has established solid partnerships for exchange and cooperation with 50 medical and educational institutions of more than 19 countries and districts, such as the United States, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, etc. The University is approved by the Ministry of Education to recruit international students in 1994 and to recruit students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in 1997. Students from more than 20 countries and districts come to study in the University either for a Bachelor’s degree, or for a Master’s degree, or for clinical internship. The University also performs staff- and/or student-exchange programs with universities in the United States, Australia, Sweden, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and the district of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, etc.

 The university is located in the capital city of Anhui, one of the central city in east China. Being the transitional zone from east coastal area to the middle and west area, Hefei is the supporting point for economic center shift, providing extensive job opportunities for international graduates. International students could apply for the Practicing physician license. Currently, 60% of intentional graduates in our university have pass the exam. Meanwhile, graduates from our university can choose to continue their academic study in AUCM or other medical institution for a master or doctoral degree. Through recent years efforts, oversea students from our university has gained good reputation after returning to their country.

 The health of human beings needs TCM, and TCM serves the health of human beings. TCM is not only traditional but also modern, not only national but also international. As president of Anhui University of TCM, also as the seventh generation of a famous TCM family group, I sincerely welcome those, who are willing to study and research TCM, from home or from abroad, to our university to study, practice and work. I am confident that the true knowledge of TCM can be acquired and the practical skills can be obtained here; any TCM-lover’s academic pursuits and lifelong dreams can also be realized here.