Successful teleconsultation at Athens Chinese Medicine Center


The launching ceremony of the remote series of consultations of the Chinese Medicine Center of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Athens was successfully held on June 21.

Xiao Junzheng, Chinese Ambassador to Greece, George Padoulis, President of the Greek Region of Attica and President of the Athens Medical Society, Prof. Peng Dayin, President of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Konstantinos Pandos, Vice President of the International Health Tourism Center of Greece and Secretary-General of the Greek Society for Assisted Reproduction, Prof. Keskogis, Scientific Advisor of the World Health Organization and President of the World Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Complementary Medicine, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

In his speech, Peng Daiyin said that at present, human beings are facing the threat of many diseases, in order to protect the health of our compatriots, the Athens Chinese Medicine Center and the Chinese and Greek Times are working together to open a series of remote public consultation, Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its affiliated hospitals will actively provide medical support.

Xiao Junzheng spoke highly of the event, saying that the current epidemic of Newcastle pneumonia is still evolving and that the online consultation organized by Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine provides great convenience for compatriots in need to seek medical consultation and relieves them of their worries.

George Padulis said that for Western societies, the recognition of the importance of Chinese medicine for health is at an all-time high. Chinese medicine has been practiced in China for thousands of years. I am pleased to see that international publications are using research data to explore the effectiveness of TCM in reducing the incidence of asymptomatic and mild cases of new crowns and shortening the duration of treatment. As Greece and China celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations, I am pleased that the Chinese Medicine Center in Athens is able to play an active role in a successful and timely manner.

The advisors of the World Health Organization, the President of the World Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Complementary Medicine and the Vice President of the International Health Tourism Center of Greece and the Secretary General of the Greek Society of Assisted Reproduction all expressed their warm congratulations on the success of the Athens Center's remote series of public consultation activities, saying that Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment philosophy is different, Chinese medicine is to treat the local symptoms of the disease as the whole person, reflecting the philosophical wisdom of Chinese medicine, which is the result of thousands of years of Chinese civilization The series of activities organized by the Athens Chinese Medicine Center provides a new perspective for the Western society to further understand and accept Chinese medicine, which has high scientific value.

Then, the remote TCM one-on-one consultation activity started with much anticipation. A team of masters from the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Professor Xu Jingshi, a national medical master, and others conducted video face-to-face consultations for the appointees one by one and offered corresponding advice on daily life conditioning according to each person's actual problems. After the consultation, the experts issued a prescription for each of the inquirers. Before the consultation, Dr. Zhang Guoliang, the chief physician of the provincial Jianghuai famous doctor, made an introduction of relevant medical science knowledge.

The co-organizer, Greece's Sino-Greek Times, organized a special editorial team and a web technology team to give full play to the media's propaganda and the organizational role and worked around the clock with the Athens Center for Chinese Medicine and an efficient and reliable web platform service to guarantee the smooth running of the event.