Co-operation Fields


The mission of the International cooperation Center is to promote and facilitate international cooperation with partner universities and prospective partners.Prospective international partners are most welcome to discuss co-operative possibilities with us in the following three fields.

1. Education co-operation:

Under the principal of friendly cooperation and mutual benefits, AUCM would like to promote the educational cooperation with overseas partners.  There are two types:

1).Degree studies: Undergraduate, postgraduate education.

2).Non-degree studies: Various long and short-term training courses.

We would like to accept students coming from our partners to study for a higher degree or a clinical internship. For the convenience of the students, the “X+Y” combined mode, that is, “X” year(s) studying at AUCM and “Y” year(s) at our partners for degree studies can also be negotiated.


2. Medical practice co-operation:

In order to promote TCM culture and to push TCM serve more people’s health, AUCM welcomes investments from partners to establish TCM hospitals or clinics home and abroad. AUCM would like to dispatch its professionals working in these co-established institutions. The profits can be shared in accordance with the mutual agreements or contracts.


3. Research co-operation:

In order to improve academic and research level of AHUTCM and its partners, AHUTCM sees the importance of medical/pharmacological/nursing research co-operation with its partners. The co-operative ways come as follows:

1). When one party is doing its research project and needs others aid or support, its partner should do as the party’s requests if it is possible.

2). AUCM would like to ask its partner to co-design applications for research projects funded by governmental bodies. If the research projects permitted, the two parties should abide by the regulations of the applications.

If you are interested in the co-operation with AUCM or if you have other nice suggestions on the mutual co-operation, you are warmly welcome to contact the Foreign Affairs Office for more details. Please never hesitate to use the contact information released in this website.