Chinese Medicine Comes to Confucius Institute of Kharkiv State University, Ukraine


"Teacher Zhao, what is the difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine", "Teacher Zhao, why do Chinese people like to drink hot water?" Teacher, what do you think we Ukrainians can eat to stay healthy?" ." Teacher, do you think I can learn acupuncture through self-learning?" On the other side of the screen, Ukrainian students from the Confucius Institute of Kharkiv State University asked questions in their not yet proficient Chinese, and Teacher Zhao Jun from the Anhui University of Chinese Medicine answered patiently.

On December 18, at 6 pm Beijing time, the series of activities of "Telling the story of Chinese medicine and spreading Chinese civilization" jointly organized by Anhui University of Chinese Medicine, Anhui University, and Confucius Institute of Kharkiv National University in Ukraine were held online as scheduled. Ms. Zhao Jun from the Anhui University of Chinese Medicine gave a wonderful lecture on the theme of "The north wind is cold in winter, Chinese medicine is good for your health" to nearly 100 Chinese learners from Kharkiv Confucius Institute. Ms. Zhao Jun introduced the knowledge of TCM winter health from the four seasons of health care, the regulation of emotion and will, winter kidney care, winter tonic, traditional health care treatment, and other aspects of TCM winter health care in an easy-to-understand language, which was informative and innovative. Ms. Zhao Jun highlighted the unique advantages and important role of TCM in the fight against NCCP and the Chinese model of "the first time to apply TCM prevention, control and treatment plan, the first time to have a team of TCM experts, the first time to use TCM" in the fight against NCCP. Ms. Zhao Jun also recommended the traditional Kungfu method "Ba Duan Jin", which is an aerobic exercise prescription that can help people recover from Neoplasm, and encouraged them to learn Ba Duan Jin to strengthen their body and fight the virus with Chinese wisdom.

Natasha, who participated in the lecture, said that Ms. Zhao is not only very beautiful but also speaks Mandarin very well. This lecture and the culture of Chinese health care are very interesting, and I hope to have more opportunities to learn about Chinese medicine in the future, and when the situation of the epidemic becomes better, I would like to go to China to experience Chinese massage in person.