Online exchange activities between AHUCM and Joongbu University in South Korea


On the afternoon of March 31, a video conference on cooperation and exchange between our university and Joongbu University of South Korea was held, which was attended by relevant leaders of both schools. The meeting was hosted by the Beijing office of Joongbu University.

During the video conference, the leaders of both schools firstly expressed their regret that they could not communicate offline due to the epidemic and sent their sincere greetings. Then both sides briefly introduced the basic situation of their schools in terms of the scale of operation, academic level, professional settings, and foreign exchanges and cooperation. The two sides then discussed the feasibility of the three majors of rehabilitation, pharmaceutical engineering, and pharmaceutical preparation, which are highly compatible with each other, as well as the master and doctoral training programs. Through mutual communication, a deeper understanding of the possible cooperation projects between the two schools was gained, and a preliminary cooperation intention was reached.

Both sides in this meeting hope to further deepen the communication and form a cooperative school project. We agreed that the cooperation can start at the undergraduate level and gradually extend to the masters and doctoral levels. Furthermore, both schools would like to actively carry out cooperation in different forms and integrate the resources of both sides to create new majors.

The holding of this video conference has played a positive role in promoting the cooperation between our university and Joongbu University, optimizing the implementation of cooperative education initiatives, and improving the quality of student training.