Our graduates are among the top 30 Outstanding Young people in the world


Recently, Sin Weilun, a Malaysian graduate of TCM Osteopathy Science in 2018, was successfully shortlisted for the top 30 in the Ten Outstanding Young People due to his achievements in medical innovation.

Born into a medical family, Sin Weilun has extensive medical experience and was once named the youngest winner of the Golden Ridge Award by the World Spine Federation and was named Malaysia's Top 10 Outstanding Youth in 2021. Sin Weilun entered our school in 2018 and studied under Professor Chen Zhaohui of Osteology of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As an international alumnus, he is not only committed to promoting the medical skills and culture of traditional Chinese medicine, but also has a heart for China and his Alma mater. In the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak, he traveled around to raise supplies for our school.

Ten Outstanding Young People, which began in 1983, formally recognize young people who have excelled in various fields and embody the best qualities of the world's youth. The program is organized by the Junior Chamber International (JCI), and an international panel of judges selects up to ten winners from all nominations from countries around the world. Past winners include athletes and people who have contributed to society in various ways and have a high international impact. It is UNDERSTOOD that our alumnus SIN Weilaun will represent Malaysia in the competition of the Ten Outstanding Young People in November this year. We wish him good results!