Ambassador Xiao Junzheng listens to reports of work of the Athens Traditional Chinese Medicine Center

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On the afternoon of May 15 2023, Mr. Xiao Junzheng, the Chinese Ambassador of Greece, met with Mr. Zhang Zhan, director of the Preparatory Group of Athens Chinese Medicine Center, and relevant staff. Xiao Junzheng had a detailed understanding of the preparation background, process, current situation, future development direction, the difficulties faced, and the problems that the embassy needed to help solve.

Xiao Junzheng pointed out that the Athens TCM Center is of great significance and far-reaching influence; however, it is difficult for the Athens TCM Center to start its own business, especially in the global environment. Give priority to the center itself first, and be prepared for other difficulties and disturbances. He mentioned using the existing conditions; taking steps by steps, and letting nature take its course.

Xiao Junzheng said that it is a good idea to incorporate the development of the Athens TCM Center into the overall pattern of promoting mutual learning and exchanges between Chinese and Greek civilizations. The Embassy is willing to help the center overcome the difficulties of differences in system and concept and provide support for the center's activities and publicity. Based on years of diplomatic experience, Xiao Junzheng gave specific guidance to the work content of Athens TCM Center.