International Students' Dormitory and Off-campus Residence Safety and sanitary Inspection


In order to implement the university's requirements on the safety of dormitory during winter vacation, to protect the personal and property safety of international students, and to check the safety hazards, the teachers of the international students' management office went to the dormitories of international students and the residence of student living off-campus to carry out a safety inspection in the morning of January 7th.

The inspection specifically focused on fire safety, the use of high-powered electrical devices, damages to the indoor facilities, and dormitory hygiene. The inspection team conducted a meticulous inspection of each dormitory and made suggestions for rectification of the problems found on the spot. During the inspection, the teachers publicized the safety precautions of the dormitory to the students and urged them that they must not use high-powered electrical devices in the dormitory. The inspection team also kindly inquired about the winter arrangement, reminded them to pay attention to the safety of their personal properties, emphasized the importance of epidemic prevention and control. When inspecting the off-campus residence, it also emphasized to students to pay attention to the inspection of doors and windows and to pay attention to the safety at night.

The safety inspection of international students' dormitory and off-campus residence is an important way to strengthen the safety management of international students and an effective guarantee for the study and life of international students in school during the winter vacation. Through this inspection, the college timely found the problems and hidden dangers in international students' apartments, strengthened the awareness of safe accommodation, and also enhanced the communication between teachers and international students.

                                                                                                         Photo/text by Wang Shuwen

                                                                                                         Reviewed by Ang Wenping